My working method begins with walking. I make sketches and take photographs and notes, paying attention to the geology, flora, fauna and effects of weather as I walk, I use mainly water based media- watercolour, acrylic gouache paints and acrylic inks with other mixed media, working on watercolour paper, wood panel or collaged surfaces. I often paint on old maps of the areas I'm depicting. There's an interplay between the map and the washes of paint obscuring or revealing it that produces a layered, intriguing image. 

I am Scottish but have lived in the Lake District since 2015. I am slowly getting to know the fells and lakes and return north on research trips to the West Coast and the Scottish Islands often. Some landscapes have a powerful energy that I find compelling. I habitually return to the same places over years and form a strong connection to them. 

Birds have become a major feature of my work over the last year or so, particularly the seabirds I've encountered on ferry crossings and coastal walks. I try to capture their character very simply, usually painted on maps of places where they can be seen. 

 I am taking part in a year long mentoring course (TURPS CC), to support me in developing my painting practice. I have a BA in Fine Art (2006) and have exhibited my work in galleries throughout the UK. I have also shown at Affordable Art Fairs in New York, Edinburgh and Glasgow. I was artist in residence 2013/14 at the Highland Wildlife Park (Operated by the Zoological Society of Scotland) and artist in residence for the North York Moors National Park (Mirror Images Project) 2014/15.

Check my exhibitions page to see where you can find my work- a selection of original paintings, limited edition prints and cards are available direct from the studio in the shop section on this website. I often share work in progress on my facebook page and instagram - if you'd like to you can find out more about my day to day working methods by following me there. 

Scafell painting, Great Moss